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Specialty Treatment for the Pelvis, Hip, Sacroiliac & Low back Regions with Margaret Woodward, PT

Margaret Woodward, MS, PT discusses lumbo-pelvic pain & dysfunction (1 min. 37 sec.). Roll curser over video player to see play buttons. If video player does not appear (in Internet Explorer), click on the yellow bar at top of page (above black bar) and enable Active X.

To Relieve and Restore

Pelvic Pain, as a result of musculoskeletal dysfunction, can manifest in many ways; pain, urinary frequency, urgency, hesitancy, and difficulty emptying the bladder. Musculoskeletal dysfunction and/or nerve compression can also be the source of dyspareunia and vulvodynia.

Research has concluded that chronic pain conditions become more complex as a result of increased sympathetic nervous system activity which creates hypersensitivity and allodynia, and makes for a more difficult pain syndrome to treat.

For the past 15 years, Margaret Woodward, MS, PT has been working closely with primary care physicians, OB/GYNs and urologists in the treatment of men and women with pelvic pain syndromes. She has earned their trust through detailed evaluation protocol, caring bedside manner, and skillful implementation of treatment.

Margaret Teaching with Model

Examination and Treatment 

Starting with a detailed patient overview, our examination includes posture and gait analysis, neuromuscular assessment, joint stability & mobility, ability to transfer loads, and strength & flexibility assessment.

Following the examination, a comprehensive treatment program is implemented based on the findings in the evaluation using joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, neural gliding techniques, stabilization exercises and patient education. Techniques to decrease centralization of pain are also incorporated into treatment.

Additional Treatment & Services

  • Treatment for low back, pelvic, hip, & lower extremity pain.
  • Treatment for prenatal or postpartum pain.
  • Treatment for episiotomy scarring. Dynamic stabilization programs.
  • Postpartum exercise instruction & program.
  • Treatment for Incontinence.
  • Spinal & pelvic nerve decompression.
  • Treatment of pain secondary to pelvic surgeries & oncological medical intervention
Margaret & Erma Consulting

We Assist the Doctor

  • We can help identify musculoskeletal dysfunctions that contribute to the patient’s symptoms.
  • We can help reduce or eliminate the patient’s pain.
  • Through skillful treatment and a detailed plan of action, we help the patient safely return to functional activities.
  • We place into motion preventative measures and lifestyle changes which improve the  patient’s outlook and quality of life.

The following “red flags” can help the doctor identify a patient with musculoskeletal dysfunction contributing to pelvic pain:

  • The patient currently has, or has had a history of low back pain.
  • The patient has pain that increases or decreases with activity, change of position or specific movements.
  • The patient experiences pain, tenderness or tightness when palpating the pelvic floor musculature.
  • Deep dyspareunia.

Dear Doctor,
Returning chronic pelvic pain patients to wellness often requires a team of health care professionals.  When your patient presents with pelvic pain, consider the assistance of Margaret Woodward and her team of rehab specialists at the Colorado Center for Physical Therapy.
Thank You!

Margaret Woodward actively assists chronic pelvic pain support groups and provides support to cancer foundations by helping raise awareness, and by presenting educational lectures & practicum’s on a variety of rehabilitation and wellness topics.

Our focused approach to rehabilitation & wellness can be covered by insurance or reimbursed by medical savings accounts. Our cash prices are competitive with discount packages available.* Most Insurance Accepted. We are a Medicare, and Workers Compensation approved facility. Call us and we will help determine if you will be covered at our facility. 303-797-0988