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Chiropractic Support Services

Complimenting Chiropractic Care for 23 Years

Skeleton side view showing proper alignmentEntering or 23rd year of business, it is the goal of the Colorado Center for Physical Therapy to remain on the leading edge in the areas of neuromuscular therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and core strength and conditioning. We consider it our duty as specialized health professionals to keep up with the most effective rehabilitation techniques through continuing education, and to skillfully apply what we learn for the best clinical outcome. We have educated ourselves in the basic principals of chiropractic care and understand its place in rehabilitation and the healing process.


Our Chiropractic Connection

The deep tissue work that we apply is based on the pioneering work of the late doctors Raymond Nimmo, D.C. and Janet Travell, Md. As you may be aware, Dr. Nimmo's approach was called the Receptor Tonus Method which he used as a highly effective adjunct to manipulation. This neuromuscular application has evolved to be the most specific deep tissue therapy available today and can also enhance the effectiveness of virtually all injury rehabilitation approaches.

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Additional Support

In addition to neuromuscular therapy, we also give detailed instruction in the area of repatterning exercise (neuromuscular re-education) to restore graceful movement and improve sensory perception. We specialize in core strengthening applications to promote a stable spine and a person's improved ability to hold adjustments. We also offer a variety of core strengthening and fitness classes through our affiliate,

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We have had great success combining our special blend of physical therapy with chiropractic care.

What We Emphasize to our Chiropractor Referred Patients:

Your Doctor of Chiropractic is recommending the services of the Colorado Center for Physical
Therapy (CCPT) to you. Like your doctor, the staff at CCPT recognize the value of combining chiropractic care with deep tissue neuromuscular therapy and core spinal stabilization. This combination will improve your ability to hold chiropractic adjustments, improve your posture, flexibility, movement patterns and strength.

It will be very important for you to keep regular chiropractic visits while staying consistent with your physical therapy appointments. This will allow for the best possible recovery and clinical outcome.

Thank You,
The Colorado Center for Physical Therapy Staff

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